Academy of Holistic Fitness Recertification FAQ’s

Q: I’m a Personal Trainer with minimal (or no) background in Yoga. Which of your correspondence courses would be best me?

A: You don’t have to be a dedicated yogi or professional yoga teacher to be able to teach basic yoga postures and simple breathing inquiries. Any personal trainer can and should learn to teach some yoga. In fact, it would probably be a disservice to your clientele if you did not include yoga techniques in your personal training repertoire.
The Academy of Holistic Fitness courses present yoga in a fitness-oriented, scientific manner that is easy to understand, learn and teach. We emphasize safety, practicality, and ease of instruction. Each course provides a myriad of techniques for stretching, breathing, relaxing, and focusing. Our goal is to help you provide your clients with lifestyle wellness techniques for stress reduction and general health.

The best and most comprehensive course for you is Practical Yoga for Personal Trainers.

Q: I’m a Group Fitness Instructor – but certainly no Yoga expert. Which home study courses would be best for me?

A: Many Academy of Holistic Fitness courses are designed specifically to train group fitness instructors in the art and science of teaching yoga classes. These courses will help you learn the proper alignment of yoga postures, sequencing, and safety guidelines so that you can teach with confidence, compassion and creativity.

The best course for you is probably our Yoga Teacher Training Course. This is a great starter course for all group fitness instructors, new or novice yoga teachers, or for yoga instructors who want to delve deeper into the mind-body experience of yoga. Topics in this course include Yoga Theory and Tradition, Anatomy and Kinesiology, Yoga Postures, Contraindications and Safety Issues, How to create and teach a Yoga Class, Formatting and Sequencing, Yoga for Stress Management, Yoga for Health and Energy, Principles of Somatic Education, Understanding Embodiment, Emerging Consciousness, and Somatic Psychology. 

Q: I’m a Certified Fitness Professional that also teaches yoga, and I need to earn my recertification CEC’s. How do I decide which course(s) will be the best fit for me and my educational goals?

A: If you are already a yoga instructor and are looking for refresher information or new yoga teaching approaches, see the guide below to help you select the course(s) that are most appropriate for your current level of expertise and professionals needs. For the Intermediate level courses, we recommend prior yoga experience.

*appropriate for all fitness professionals interested in teaching yoga

Q: Are the courses pre-approved by my certification organization?

A: Pre-approved CEC’s and certification organizations are listed for each course. If your organization is not included, contact them for information about the petition process. It is usually a nominal fee. 

Q: How soon will I receive my course materials?

A: Academy of Holistic Fitness course materials are normally shipped within 24 hours after you place your order online.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept major credit cards – VISA, MasterCard, American Express,Diner’s Club online. 

Q: How long will it take me to complete the course? How soon must I complete the exam?

A: On average, you will need one hour of study time per CEC. For example, a course worth 1.0 ACE CEC’s will require approximately 10 hours of your time. Please complete the course within the year you purchased it. 

Q: How do I submit the answer sheet?

A: You must complete the exam online.

Q: What is a passing score? What if I don’t pass?

A: The passing score is 80% or better. When taking the exam online, your exam will be graded instantly. If you don’t pass, you will have the opportunity to try again. NOTE: A student can access the quiz that corresponds with their code as many times as they'd like, but their progress will not be saved from one time to the next. They will have to start from scratch each time they log in to take the quiz.

Q: After I submit the answer sheet, how soon will I receive my certificate and CEC’s?

A:  The online exam system allows you to print your certificate right away. We no longer mail certificates. However, we will send you an emailed certificate, by request. 

Q: Will a copy of my CEC certificate also be sent to my certification organization?

A: No, this is your responsibility. Contact your certification organization for renewal forms, procedure, and requirements.

Q: Can I share the course with a friend? Can we both take the exam for CEC’s?

A: We do not offer a sharing program. Sorry.  

Q: What if I decide to return your course and want to get my money back?

A. There are no refunds, exchanges, or returns. This policy helps us keep prices more affordable.

Q: How can I earn a Yoga Specialty Certification?

A:  Our Holistic Yoga Specialty Certification and Therapeutic Yoga Specialty Certification programs will be awarded for successful completion of a comprehensive educational curriculum that focuses on Yoga, Mind-Body fitness, Somatic Psychology, Healing, and Personal Growth. These specialty certification programs are appropriate for Health and Fitness Professionals who are interested in working in the field of Group Fitness, Personal Training, Lifestyle/Wellness Coaching, Health Promotion, Post Rehab Fitness, Somatic Education, Massage & Bodywork, and/or other Self-help modalities. To be eligible for either program, you must hold a current primary certification in Personal Training or Group Fitness, or a bachelor's degree in a health or fitness-related field.    

Q: I’m interested in becoming a certified personal trainer or group fitness instructor. Can I take your course(s) to get my initial certification?

A: No. The Academy of Hollistic Fitness courses are strictly for continuing education and advanced training in specialty topics that are relevant and appropriate to the fields of yoga, mind-body fitness, and somatic education. We are not a certification organization for Group Fitness instructors or Personal Trainers.