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Enlighten Your Body
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Enlighten Your Body


A creative blend of Yoga and Pilates for sculpting a mindfully sound body.

This inspirational course blends Basic Yoga postures, Beginner Pilates mat exercises, and principles of Somatic Education to create a mindful form of body sculpt. Learn how the self discovery and awareness practiced in Mind-Body fitness classes can provide inspirational and transformational lessons for our daily lives. *If you are a Mind-Body fitness novice, this course provides a wonderful and practical introduction. It remains one of our most popular courses!

Course Materials:

  • Enlighten Your Body book (178 pp.)
  • Enlighten Your Body manual (113 pp.)
  • Yoga Sculpt online video (60 minute instructional program)
  • CEC Exam
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What the Fitness Pros Say about Enlighten Your Body

“I really enjoyed the deeper philosophical aspects of mind-body connections, student attitudes, learning styles, discussion of common misalignments, cueing, and using Pilates. This course was perfect. It brought together the pertinent issues of today, along with philosophy. I didn’t know it, but I’ve been looking for this course for years! Excellent!”
T. Neuman, Rockville, MD

“The course was comprehensive and validated my philosophy of living and practicing yoga. I particularly found the DVD to be helpful in my ability to give good direction when teaching. I look forward to taking additional courses in the near future. Thank you so much!”
A. Atlas, Spokane, WA

"I really liked the attention to detail, the great explanations, and that the course was very thorough yet not too complicated. I have been teaching yoga, Pilates, and body sculpting classes for quite a while and your philosophy on how to teach our students is very refreshing. We are not there to just get a workout, but to help others achieve a better understanding of their bodies and minds, and to learn how exercise plays a significant role everyday in their lives. Thank you!"
B. Kaiser, Surfside Beach, CA

"This course was extremely well presented. I gained extended knowledge of and a new technique to enhance core training and functional fitness. It was a pleasure to study and will be used immediately with my clients and for my personal use."
K. Wolf, Cleveland, OH

"I love these courses! I'm motivated to incorporate yoga into my day. I've been wanting to and have procrastinated, but am more motivated now."
L. Duranza, Aurora, CO

“This course will help me in getting across ways to assist students to get more out of the yoga asana experience in their daily lives. I also learned better knowledge of coping with day to day stress and ways to assist other in the same. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is something that is near and dear to me and it increased my awareness. I can’t wait to share what I have learned with others.”
J. Edwards, Granbury, TX

"As time passes, I have a greater interest in applying yoga concepts to all of my exercise. I feel the call to continue study along this line. I believe the physical and psychological benefits speak for themselves. "
R. Heath, Oregon City, OR

“I started with this course just to gain the credits. But I was so impressed with Linda, she opened my eyes to see life in a different way. I really and truly enjoyed this course. I am going to reread the book again just so I can keep what I learned fresh in my head.”
K Kaiser, Cody, WY

"This was the most interesting course for CE credits that I have ever taken! Nice presentation!"
C. Bottalla, Marco Island, FL

“I learned a tremendous amount from the course, and through your guidance came to some significant insights about my own alignment issues. The most important discovery was the experience of ‘letting go’ to gravity – that feeling and the corresponding intention to allow spirit (the weightless source) to play a role in balancing your life. Thank you very much for your knowledge and sharing it in such a way that it helped me to deepen my own practice. I’m sure it will make me a better teacher.”
M. Ricketson, Medfield, MA

"I teach both yoga and Pilates...the cueing introduced is wonderful. I love the concept of visualization and relaxing into poses."
B. Helfer, Columbus, OH

"I work with a lot of people with chronic back and hip pain...the course gave good ways to help teach individuals how to "turn off" and tune into their own bodies through the practical exercises presented. The course strengthened my professional and personal understanding that an individual can change faulty patterns of use and become pain free. "The section on the psoas in the book was excellent!!! I will use this section specifically in educating and encouraging my clients to become pain-free."
G. Whittemore, Fredericksburg, VA

"I instruct mat Pilates classes and this will help me incorporate more Yoga into my classes."
N. Gray, Great Falls, MT

"I really like Linda Christy Weiler's teaching style! Very thorough and upbeat." -J. Rodriguez, Chula Vista, CA

"I have learned symmetry, mind-body techniques etc. I will use this for all my personal training clients, as well as for myself"
C. Wheeler, Westminster, CO

"I now have a whole different perspective on yoga and Pilates fitness. Thank you." C. D'Alesio, Aliso Viejo, CA

"I teach 15 strength and cardio classes per week. I will concentrate on symmetry in all that I can."
L. Leavitt, Arlington Heights, IL

"I work with older adults who have arthritis. This is a good teaching tool for postural improvement."
J. Morgan, Cincinnati, OH

"Thanks for making this course so enlightening for me and want to continue to read and re read about the body and all it entails."
V. Carter-McCullough, Bourbonnais, IL

"I found this course to be informative and easy to understand and use in class settings."
C. Albright, Cato, WI

"The course increased my mind-body knowledge and skills that I can use with clients and also for myself! Linda Christy Weiler, in addition to having great expertise, offers insights that apply not only to mind-body fitness but also to other aspects of our lives."
L. Magida, Potomac, MD

"It was well organized, with plenty of explanations and illustrations."
R. Anduze, Winter Park, FL

"I found the insights of Linda-Christy's personal experiences (located in the textbook) to be what I will cherish most and use very often."
J. Cremer, Salem, OR

"I learned much more about how Yoga applies to somatic awareness, and anatomical misalignments and the 3 stages students go through to learn. I have been teaching for about 7 years now or more, and I found that I really had to read and re-read and apply to learn. The course was challenging even though I thought I knew that content and had experience. "
S. Mitchell, Gibsonia, PA

"I feel this course in extremely useful in that it covers every aspect of teaching, mental, spiritual, etc."
S. Bertelmann, Kamuela, HI

"This course is fantastic! I loved it! I have been using it in my class. I am applying balancing out all my exercises so that nobody goes away feeling sore or not balanced. It's terrific! I have also noticed that I get out of bed differently, noticing how I put more weight on one side...even while I am sitting writing to you now on the computer, I can see I am sitting more on one side...oops, better correct that now.. ha ha! Thank you so much for this course, I loved it! I will be back again for the update. Take care.”
V.Vadeboncoeur, Cathedral City, CA

"Linda-Christy Weiler, M.S. has done a beautiful job of combining the concepts of Yoga, The Feldenkrais Method and Pilates Mat work. I am sure at some point I will use some of the information from the DVD in a Type Specific Class. "
J. Cremer, Salem, OR

"I learned to cue by bony landmarks and to reinforce the proper form by turning students away from the mirror so that they can "feel" the movements and poses. I gained more technical knowledge about the body, but the most valuable information I learned from this course was the psychology of learning. I think the course was exceptional and I know I will use this as a resource over and over again."
A. Kinsey, Orange Park, FL

"This course is based on anatomy, psychology, and spirituality – the perfect combination for the human evolution!"
G. Anderson, Miami, FL

"I loved the theoretical explanations regarding the benefits of mind-body techniques. The DVD is excellent! This course is very comprehensive and has broadened my consciousness regarding yoga and Pilates. I have come to understand the value of ‘letting go’ and focusing on my base of support. Many thanks!"
C. Joseph, Melrose Park, PA

"The book was excellent and well written. It is something you could read over again to assist you with your yoga practice. The techniques are very useful in learning how to develop a relationship with your body."
J. Kairupan, Banff, Canada

"This was a very thorough and enlightening course about human behavior. I gained insight into my own life and I hope to pass this on my existing students." D. Forbes Bimblick, NYC, NY

"I loved the DVD and the practical cueing examples found throughout. It was a wonderful combination of technical and practical information."
S. Wessel, Trussville, AL


I gained a deeper understanding of the mind-body concept. I learned about the difference between performing an exercise or pose based on modeling and feeling an exercise or ose based on somatic awareness. I discovered how spiritual an effective mind-body connection can be. From the description of this course I was expecting something different. But I was thrilled I didn't get what I'd expected! It's also not just about mind-body techniques, but has a deep spiritual component. I loved it! Yoga practice will never be the same! Thank you.

~ D. McNeel, Las Vegas, NV