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Holistic Fitness Specialty Certificate
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Level: Intermediate

1.9 NASM (approved through 12-31-21), 20 NETA (approved through 12-31-21), 20 WITS (approved through 12-31-21), other certification organization may receive CECs by petition.

Holistic Fitness Specialty Certificate



Use holistic fitness protocols to support the therapeutic process of recovery from eating disorders, traumatic stress, depression, and the acute grief syndrome. 

  • Discover how ‘evolved embodiment’ can become a valid psycho-somatic strategy for recovery, growth, healing, and understanding.
  • Adapt and apply yoga postures as a gentle and constructive approach to back care and self-discovery.
  • Promote ‘adventures in embodiment’ (a combination of creativity, aesthetics, symbolism, yoga, and somatic education) as a highly effective way of learning to appreciate and enhance health and fitness.

Course Materials

  • Adventures in Embodiment text (180 pages)
  • Holistic Fitness manual with Chapter Review worksheets (295 pages)
  • Online instructional video: Basic Breathing Techniques
  • FREE shipping

What the Fitness Pros Say about Holistic Fitness Specialty Certificate

“As a physician who practices Holistic Medicine, I greatly value the insights and understanding of mind-body issues covered in this course. It provides valuable information, beautiful illustrations and practical techniques to implement the practice of Holistic Fitness. It moves us from the conventional western medicine model, which separates mind and body, toward the more accurate reality of mind-body as one.

The instructor, LindaChristy Weiler, is very skilled in presenting clearly and professionally the different breathing techniques and yoga poses in a way that is easy to understand and follow. She excels at giving descriptions and explanations in very precise terms, being careful to point out not only the proper form but also explains and demonstrates the common errors and pitfalls. I find this approach facilitates, for me, better performance of these exercises, and provides the language and technique to instruct others. Her extensive experience, skill, and knowledge in this field are evident throughout this course.

This course is a catalyst to a growing new breed of fitness professional, one who recognizes the synergy between physical exercises combined with enhanced self-awareness. This powerful approach, which can address root health issues, leads to a journey toward true Holistic Mind-Body wellness. As a Holistic physician who sees people in need on a daily basis, I can say with certainty, we need more fitness professionals with the knowledge and skills offered in this course.” 

David M. Goldstein, M.D.
Board Certified- Holistic Medicine
and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

“This is a very extensive course packed with user-friendly learning tools. The author put her heart and soul into this course, and it shows! She shares what she knows (and has taken years to learn) with others. If we’re smart enough to pay attention, we will appreciate how this course teaches self-love and self care from a fitness-based perspective.” 
ACE course reviewer #1

“This material is well organized with excellent content that would allow those who are not previously grounded in mind-body fitness to grasp and apply the concepts for a variety of fitness and wellness activities. The material is very illuminating and broadened my perspectives. This course sheds light on the importance and application of holistic fitness, which is the fitness trend for the future. ”
ACE course reviewer #2

“The artwork is beautiful and perfectly fitting for the subject matter. The entire package (DVD, book, notebook) is very well organized and makes a comprehensive program. It provides exactly the right tools for the fitness professional who wants to teach the principles of holistic fitness to others.”
ACE course reviewer #3

“I have been fully energized from this material. Each day I am blessed to be able to know that there are so many positive changes that I can make in peoples’ lives. Thank you!”
P. Taylor, Orange, NJ

“I had no idea there would be this much material in this course. The depth of the material was beyond anything I expected. I have gained deeper insight into holistic fitness, and at a higher level than I expected. Keep up the good work!”
A. Noyes

“I can apply what I have learned regarding breathing, yoga positions, stretching and cueing to both work and my everyday life. I absolutely loved this course. I learned so much and am thankful for having taken it. Keep this course in your curriculum. It's ahead of its time, and people will catch up to the idea. It's very cutting edge.”
T. Palisi

“I thought the course was excellent. I wish that I knew more group fitness teachers, personal trainers, and yoga teachers that took this course and 'embodied it.' I am so happy I selected this course. I will continue to work with the materials! They are loaded with information for myself and for the well being of others.”
M. Bangor

“I hold a Master's degree in Holistic Health science. This course was PRACTICAL and will aid in my fitness practice.”
B. Mascialino

“I am a Health Psychologist working toward developing a wellness business. This training covered all of my target populations and more. I now have a stronger sense of how to use yoga in wellness and a better understanding of the abnormal health adversities. I feel more confident about developing a treatment plan with yoga practices. ”
K. Christensen

“What a gift! I am excited and energized! I wanted you to know I appreciate every page in the manual and in your book. {Like everyone else}, I am a recovering soul/body on many fronts. Much of the information confirms what experience has taught me. Most importantly, the information is a kind of 'connect-the-dots' experience for me. Illuminating many of my personal somatic experiences, and allowing for a more authentic Self to emerge. I believe that evolved embodiment very much needs to be modeled behavior. I think disconnected people tend to raise their children to be disconnected people. I am working on my Life Coach certification; I am confident that this course will enhance my ability to facilitate future clients' needs. Your shared knowledge (skills and insights) is delightfully fulfilling. ”
L. Strickland
_________________________________________________________________________________________________ "I feel this course is absolutely essential for a compassionate understanding of clients and the issues they face. It thoroughly demonstrates how yoga can be used as an effective tool for mind-body restoration. It facilitates self-exploration by the fitness professional that can support healing. And by healing our own issues, we are more effective in supporting others."
~ M. Sinclair

I am a certified personal trainer, advanced health and fitness specialist as well as a holistic health practitioner, and Reiki Master. I would like to incorporate yoga and holistic practices with my clients. In this course I learned how to work with different challenges, as well as yoga poses. Actually, the book (Adventures in Embodiment) was exactly what I needed in my own personal life! Great course!
~ J. Giannone

I hope to help clients experience strength and well-being by guiding them to listen to their body on all levels and to help them understand that it's not a competition, it is an experience within the individual, and that everyone's experience will be different (which is truly wonderful!) I learned the importance of the connection between body and spirit in terms of well being. It isn't only about physically working-out. Learning to listen to your inner-Self, believe and have faith, learning to live in the present moment and decipher between fantasy and reality are all important concepts.
~ J. Rose

By far this is the best course I have ever taken. Thank you. I wish I could spend 1 - 2 weeks with you in an immersion learning for this. I am an RN. My Master's degree is in Holistic health.
~ J. Wahlig

I learned a lot about the mind-body connection and how important it is in regards to fitness, as well as over all well-being. The course was very enjoyable and a huge help to my business.
~ S. Kaufmann

I am now more open-minded and I feel I can do some healing myself, too. Thank you for supplying me with this uplifting experince! I am thinking it will be nice to give back a little and help those who are suffering. Love and peace be with you. 
~ D. Strack 

I have gained so much from this course. New ideas, concepts, views about posture, about embodiment, mindfulness and life that have a great value to me. 
~ S. Chikhani 

Great course. Extremely well done. I really liked the soothing empowering tone of the author and her encouragement towards peace, contentment, and nonjudgment of self. Thank you for your work and obvious devotion and dedication to your self, to your craft, and to others. Your daughter's artwork (in the Adventures in Embodiment book) is impressive!
~ D. Wickell

Integrating mind, body, and spirit is crucial in my work. This is the best course I've ever taken. It's well researched and puts together a large body of work in an insightful and pragmatic way of teaching students an esoteric subject in a very beneficial way. From this course I have gained new and highly effective modalities to teach what everyone truly needs. Keep this course around. It's more beneficial than anything else around.
~ D. Hrdina

I really found the material very heart centered and illuminating. I liked the Adventures in Embodiment book and was quite moved by the artwork.
~ D. Christensen

I work with special needs populations teaching relaxation, movement, and sensory stimulation and will use aspects of this class including 'micro-movements' and 'do less', among other techniques. I would attend a live in person seminar on this class. 
~ E. Pigassiou 

I will use this information on a daily basis to help my clients achieve a sense of self-esteem and of Self. From this course, I gained an open mind and new perspective. I have a whole new set of tools to use with my clients, especially those who I thought were difficult. I will use this on a daily basis for myself also.
~ L. Kimmy 

I gained a working knowledge of somatic competency and new exercises to incorporate into my programs. I gained a deeper understanding of "somatics" and new offerings for my clients (programs to address lower back pain) and much more. Tremendous! I will incorporate somatic wisdom into my fitness programs. I will embrace new practices for my own growth and evolution as a fitness professional. This program exceeded my expectations, which were high! I'm passionate about somatics, and this course delivered new insights into somatic principles. Most importantly, it gave me exercises and wisdom that I can embrace for my own growth and for the growth of my clients. I am truly grateful for your clear articulation and sharing of this wisdom! 
~ D. Hudson

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned valuable information that will help to better my life and the lives of my clients. 
~ J. St. Aubin

"Adventures in Embodiment" is one of my new favorite books!
~ C. Walker
This course has even further increased my interest in somatic studies. I'm excited to begin applying embodiment and healing techniques to my own life as well as incorporating them into my classes. I have a passion to help others heal lthrough movement and most specifically to assist women with finding themselves within their own bodies. The concepts from embodiment and knowing memories may be in th ebody even if you can't access them through your mind will be a fantastic addition to my current classes. Thank you! This is the second course I've completed through your organization to maintain my NETA certification and I already look forward to the next course. Your materials are easy to follow, offer practical techniques (with real life examples) and are in line with my positions. 
~K. Reince 
I gained knowledge about ways to help clients manage and recover from various barriers (such as eating disorders) to better health and wellness. I will use what I learned as motivational tools for my clients who struggle with day tod ay and long term obstacles to better achieve their goals. I would consider other certificate courses from the AHF institution! 
~ J. Raether

This course took my understanding of yoga and holistic healing to a deeper level. I appreciated the therapeutic focus. It enhanced my self understanding and developed awareness of and empathy for populations with healing needs. I will use this course to improve my gentle stretch yoga practice for seniors. I will also use it to improve my self-awareness, sensitivity to the needs of others, and personal development. This course would be a great resource for youth counselors. The insights provided would be immensely helpful for working with troubled teens. Actually it would be immensely helpful for working with troubled people of all ages and anyone who wishes to enhance their life experience through healing. My only regret is that I did not take this course sooner. It was a wonderful life enhancing learning experience! Thank-you. 

~ M.L. Johnson (Roscoe, IL


This course further developed my knowledge and understanding of the mind-body connection and how I may be of  service as a personal trainer to my clients who are seeking to embody and integrate their emotions in adaptive, healthy, and positive ways. I will employ yoga for back care and somatic lessons most of all with my personal training clients as these seem to be the most needed, in general. I would like to begin marketing my training in holistic fitness on my personal training website in order to attract clients who are in need of body-oriented healing, to help them recover from eating disorders, psychological/emotional imbalances, and disruptions to a realistic and healthy body image for a myriad of causes. 

~ K. Jesuele


I have gained a whole new perspective on physical fitness. I have often neglected the mind-body connection in fitness and just looked for results. Through this course, I have learned a new way of looking at fitness and health. I have since added yoga and meditation to my own routine. I will be more cognizant of just being results oriented. I had never really thought of fitness to be used as a tool for healing. I have now developed a greater sense of compassion for my clients and their own unique individual struggles. I loved the course, and have renewed excitement for my work! 

~ J. Gould 


 The course materials are very good and I will continue to reference them. The books deal with great specific knowledge rather than well known generalizations. The course gave memuch insight into the realm of psychological underpinnings for myself and my clients. I will utilize the creative poetry and affirmations in Adventures in Embodiment book during the meditative and visualization segments of my yoga classes and also as encouragement to my personal training clients. Insights into body image will be particularly usefull tomy obese clients and teens. The sections on trauma, sensations, and doshas were very interesting. Bravo to a fresh approach! 

~ S. Crawford 


 Mrs. LindaChristy Weiler thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. The Holistic fitness manual and the Adventures in Embodiment book are wonderful practical companions and serve as a holistic guidebook in every class that I teach. I have learned the value of understanding embodiment and somatic awareness in every aspect of every day life for my self and for the individuals that I teach. 

~ D. Berla


I am a recreation therapist and certificed personal trainer, currently working at a Mental Health Hospital with youth that suffer from many things such as depression, aggression, eating disorders, anxiety, and trauma. This course has assisted me with both aspects of my job as I now feel more prepared to engage them in a structured meaningful exercise program that can have a significant impact on their lives. 

~ M. A. Wachala


I enjoyed learning about the principles of Holistic medicine and how these principles can benefit my personal training clients for overall optimal health. I can work with a larger special population of clients that have addictions, back pain, and many other issues using somatic awareness and teach the 15 pose yoga program for recovery and self-discovery. I truly discovered thing about myself and feel it has changed me in some ways. I am excited to practice some of the techniques with my clients and feel this course was very useful and beneficial. I want to continue using my materials to really fully understand this course.


~ Cory Singler     WITS-certified     Memphis, TN ________________________________________________________________________

I gained a lot of insight into the psycho-somatic mechanisms behind trauma, eating disorders, and depression, and got a lot of great ideas about how to cue my students into being fully present in their bodies during each pose. I am excited to incorporate more of the mindful & spiritual aspects of traditional yoga into my Hatha yoga class to create a more welcoming environment of self-discovery within the group fitness setting that I work in. I think it will be refreshing for my students to feel unconditionally supportive and appreciated for their body's abilities whether they are feeling strong or challenged during a given class. Great course, and so interesting!

~ Cassidy Sloot    NETA-certified   Winthrop, MN