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Mind-Body Fitness for Personal Trainers
Price: $179.00
Level: Intermediate

1.2 ACE, 12 ACSM, 12 NETA, 12 ISSA, 1.0 NSCA,                   1.9 NASM,12 WITS, 15 AFAA

Mind-Body Fitness for Personal Trainers

In this course you will sample a variety of mind-body fitness techniques including Energy Exercises, Chi self-care, Chakra-activation postures, Meridian-stimulating postures, The Five Tibetans, Ascending Energy, Descending Energy, Somatic Symmetry, Somatic Shielding, and Pose/Counter-pose Yoga, all of which emphasize vitality, longevity, and personal maturation by balancing and optimizing bio-energies for full-spectrum wellness. These simple, practical techniques help minimize or eliminate the problems of poor fitness, chronic pain, faulty function, objectionable appearance, noxious self-concept, and negative repercussions of stress. This course will help you and your clients understand the benefits of taking a pro-active, preventive approach to health and fitness by cultivating energy-enhancing and energy-conserving habits that support wellness over the course of a lifetime.



  • Mind-Body Fitness for Personal Trainers text (464 pages)
  • Study Guide (10 pages)
  • CEC exam (100 questions)


What the Fitness Pros Say about Mind-Body Fitness for Personal Trainers

I gained increased self-awareness and focus on personal self-actualization. Especially conservation and managing of energy is needed at this point in my career and may help me in client-training relationships. I have re-examined my teaching style and will try each class to work toward improvement and change. I have already introduced the energy-hygiene rituals to my [senior] group, and some of the 'art of standing' postures. This course really turned on a light for me regarding my own fatigue. I have been alternating between 'bracing' and 'radiating' (energy usage strategies) all day for some time now and even allowed 'bracing' to characterize some of my yoga practice (of 45 years). Interesting . . .  so I will start with newfound direction to see why I am doing that. Thanks so much!

S. Crawford, WITS certified 


A new ritual for my life! So many wonderful techniques to use and share with others. For those open and ready for these great concepts, I will be adding a new class using holistic fitness techniques. For those not ready for this way of fitness, I will be subtly be adding the ideas into my current fitness classes.SO well written. I am so excited to use this in my own life and all of my clients. It's fantastic!

K. Sims, NASM certified 


I have PTSD and have been in somatic therapy for over a year and a half. This course has given me new perspectives and avenues to help myself learn and change my soma. I am better equipped to face the future and all that it may hold. I have already started my own daily yoga ritual and am continuing to experiment and experience the depths of my mind-body connections. I could not have chosen a better course. I would recommend this CEU to anyone in the fitness/health industy. Priceless insight to help countless unexamined minds. 

~ Z.S. NSCA-certified


Excellent! A wealth of information. Well written. Interesting. Relevant. Doable! 

D. Tarbill, WITS certified


 I have gained knowledge in how the mind can have a huge impact on the body, and how practicing these exercises can help improve so much, and how energy works to physically and emotionally lift you. I will apply many of these exercises to my routines and help my clients improve their energy adn minds. I hope to bring much awareness to my clients so they feel new and refreshed. It was an amazing course. I believe every fitness trainer should apply these practices to not only their clients but to themselves as well! 

Y. Baez _________________________________________________________________________________________

This course was awesome! I have gained more insight into the mind-body continuum and have already begun applying these principles while working with my training clients. Thank you! Though I was already open to the concepts of Eastern Medicine, Somatics, etc., I think this course will be a big eye opener for many. Kudos! 

M.L.P. Williams _______________________________________________________________________________________

This course was incredibly helpful in integrating material from various sources of holistic health and wellness. I take away a lot of body-oriented tools to integrate into my psychotherapy practice. I will utilize this content in my continued work as a body psychotherapist who works primarily with victims of trauma and abuse. Well done! 

J.K. Burnett


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