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New Ideas for Todays Yoga Classes
Price: $199.00
Level: Intermediate
CECs: 1.2 ACE, 12 NETA, 13 WITS, 13 ACSM

New Ideas for Todays Yoga Classes

Update your knowledge and teaching of yoga! In this contemporary yoga course you will study the (1) Benefits of Yoga, (2) Yoga for Flexibility and Strength, (3) Pose/Counter-pose Yoga, (4) Yoga for Life Lessons, (5) Yoga for Seniors, (6) Yoga using Props, (7) Office Yoga, (8) Meditation and Affirmation, (9) Faith-infused Yoga, (10) Yoga for Pregnancy, and the (11) Philosophy of Yoga. 

Course Materials

  • New Ideas for Today's Yoga Classes manual (262 pp. with more than 300 photos)
  • CEC exam
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What the Fitness Pros Say about New Ideas for Todays Yoga Classes

This CEC course overflows with information on different course formats for yoga, both general and specific contraindications for the yoga poses are also thoroughly explained. The section on how yoga helps you mature is valuable in that it makes one realize yoga is more than a one hour class. I found ‘Office Yoga’ and ‘Yoga for Seniors’ to be exceptionally well-written, easily applied, and extremely topical with so many baby boomers wanting to stay active – in a gentle, mindful way.

ACE course reviewer S. Backus

This course is absolutely amazing! It allows instructors to learn about yoga and to reflect on why they teach it. The course gives hundreds of practical (and safe) poses, stretches, meditations, and more - for use with a variety of different populations. Bravo to this course!

ACE course reviewer S. Winecke

I enjoyed the information presented - especially faith-based and senior-focused. Just what I wanted. Plus, great info for special populations - office, pregnancy, etc. New ways to use props. Some great meditation ideas. A deeper understanding of the benefits for the poses listed. The course was thorough and well written. I think I have come away learning more, in many ways, than some of my weekend workshops. Mrs. Weiler is great at communicating the essence of yoga. She has also shown us proper form and alignment with the addition of so many pictures.
~ C. Morash

I am re-energized with ideas for classes! I have learned new postures, affirmations, and a better understanding of how to provide a class for pregnant women and seniors. Keep up the good work! I plan to take more courses with you!
~ C. Waddington
This was an excellent outline of what today's students seek in a yoga class, which complements traditional yoga. I will use the material to add variety to the traditional yoga taught by designing classes for seniors with specific poses geared toward therir probable skill level. This course was very helpful as I design different classes for different groups.
~ D. Rowe
I learned more from reading this manual than I did from taking a one day yoga workshop. Great study material!
~ V. Vargo
I have a broader knowledge of yoga in general. This course covered things that were missing in my previous yoga certifications. I feel like it refreshed my knowledge as well.
~P. Clark
The sections on special populations will help me break out and reach into establishing a church yoga program. This course provides a good perspective on special populations and the use of props. That has been difficult for me to find elsewhere. I am thankful for the great detail on those. I rated this course as an advanced level course because it assumes some knowledge of proper alignment, technique, and anatomy.
~ T. Hall
I liked this course for your focus on positive reinforcement in keeping yoga so accessible and real and exploring the amazing diveristy for all populations. I also liked that you explored the faith-based aspect of yoga. There's such a spiritual connection between faith and yoga, but it's not mentioned very often. I teach mat classes with a wide range of ages and abilities, and a senior chair class with just as many levels. I believe this course will help strengthen my ability to guide each person to a higher plane of intention within their own yoga practice both physically and spiritually. This is the second course I have taken with the Academy of Holistic Fitness organization and I have found both of them to be very enriching. These courses are great to go back to time and time again when I need to  boost my own spiritual intentions as an instructor. Thank you.
~ S. Knierim 


I definitely gained new and exciting yoga ideas and life lessons. I am passing this information along to my class and hope to make a difference in their lives. I re-read the information three times and learned something new each time!

~ L. Boji


I have gained insights into recognizing and embracing the psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga to enhance personal growth. I will strive to recognize the individual needs of class participants and emphasize the importance of deepening somatic awareness. I especially enjoyed the mudra sequence as I frequently have class participants who suffer from arthritis that ask what exercises they might do to help keep strength and flexibility in their hands. 

~ S. Audibert 


 This course was very well written and provided a fresh and all encompassing approach that made me a better instructor. The information in this course was presented in a pleasant, engaging, and well organized fashion. It was unquestionably the best course I've taken! Thanks to LIndaChristy Weiler! Joy to you! 

~ S. Moeller