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Practical Yoga for Personal Trainers
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Level: Intermediate



1.9 NASM (approved through 12-31-21), 22 NETA (approved through 12-31-21), 20 WITS (approved through 12-31-21), other certification organizations may receive CECs by petition. 

Practical Yoga for Personal Trainers



Learn 50+ yoga postures and the basic tradition, psychology, and techniques of yoga. Explore the power of meditation, visualization, affirmations, and other yogic methods for managing stress and building champions. Design customized yoga programs based on your client's goals and needs, including sports specific yoga programs as well as lifestyle programs:

  • Sport-specific yoga programs for Jogging, Cycling, Golf, Tennis, and Dance Conditioning
  • Yoga and Sport Psychology
  • Yogic Methods for managing Stress
  • Lifestyle yoga programs for General Flexibility, Strength Training, Core Stability, Stress Reduction, Chronic Fatigue, Pregnancy, Back Pain Management, and Weight Loss.
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Comprehensive Guidelines and Cueing Strategies
  • Contraindications and Safety Modifications
  • Simple Meditations and Affirmations

Course Objectives:

Teach 21 classic yoga poses using cues and demonstration
Identify the basic kinesiology for 21 common yoga poses
Identify the 4 categories of contraindicated yoga poses
Explain why yoga qualifies as a Somatic Science
Explain the significance of sensory awareness, and how it relates to yoga asana
Teach 2 poses that strengthen the multifidus muscle and support core stabilization
Teach 2 breathing inquiries

Course Materials:

  • Practical Yoga for Personal Trainers, Updated Edition manual (284 pp.)
  • Mind Your Breath supplemental section
  • CEC exam
  • FREE shipping

What the Fitness Pros Say about Practical Yoga for Personal Trainers

I have gained confidence in teaching some yoga poses to others and understanding the appropriate modifications and contraindications. In addition, I am really excited to implement some of the sports psychology aspects with my psychology degree to help improve others' wellness. I plan to help others gain a better understanding of the different aspects of wellness, and to teach some basic yoga poses for stretching and strengthening. I know several triathletes as well, and I am particularly interested in sharing this information with them, as I find that they are often very tight and need additional assistance in focusing. I am definitely interested in learning more about yoga, and I felt that this was a great tool in helping me ease into a subject that I've always been interested in, but also intimidated by. Thank you for a wonderful experience!!!

 H. Holmes, ACE-certified


The Academy of Holistic Fitness courses provides a genuine alternative perspective towards yoga practiced in the west. The "Practical Yoga for Personal Training" course empowered me by receiving more clarity towards the overall integration of yoga and fitness and how two can be balanced as one. For me personally, this is perfect because I try to avoid cultural appropriation since it might offend potential clients personal practices. I am really grateful that the Academy of Holistic Fitness provides a "scientific" approach vs. challenging personal beliefs. SINCERELY the BEST. Many thankyou's Linda Christy Weiler for creating this!

 M. Redding, ISSA-certified


“I have been teaching yoga for almost 10 years and I still learned a lot and enjoyed this class. It was great!”
K. Hammond, Appleton, WI

Finally, a real yoga course for Personal Trainers! Thank you! Your course was informative, challenging, and interesting. The information is well organized so it can easily be accessed for future use. I will recommend this course to others!
T.W.R., Evanston, IL

I’m very excited about incorporating this knowledge into my own program and sharing the information others. This course provided me with clarity on yoga’s most intimate and spiritual use. Excellent!
C.T., Dayton, OH

LC, I really enjoyed this! It was right to-the-point and very appropriate for Personal Trainers. I have already incorporated yoga poses into my clients’ training sessions even before I took the exam. This course has given me a real enthusiasm for yoga. Thanks!
E.K., South Plainfield, NJ

This was great! I teach small groups and this will be the perfect addition to our class sessions.
K. V., New Rochelle, NY

This course couldn’t have happened for me at a better time. This year has been extremely stressful and not only myself, but my clients are continuing to benefit as we seek to learn more. I appreciate the challenges.
E.H., Kernville, CA

Excellent! I learned a lot, and mostly how to apply it to my training sessions. Thank you for being highly competent and professional.
M.L., Nuns Island, QU

I am so impressed with the content and that this is yoga; yoga intention from a yogi mind.
There is a wealth here in this packet that goes far beyond a trainer’s ability to complete the exam!
J.B., Tucson, AZ

Provides excellent visuals to share with clients. Very specific and vivid cueing provided as well.
S.R., St. Albans, VT

Excellent course! Provided me with material for my work with clients as well as inspiring me to incorporate new techniques for my own exercise program.
R.B., San Francisco, CA

"Best course I've taken in years. I'm so glad this course was offered. I knew and found something about me that I didn't recognize I had. Thanks!"
F. Pecson, Chino, CA

“Excellent course for personal trainers. This course is of the highest quality, quite comprehensive, yet user-friendly. A 5 ***** course!”
S Backus, Dandridge, TN

“This is the second course I have taken from you. I really LOVED this course and I feel I have learned a great deal. My clients’ are already benefiting tremendously (as am I). Thank-you!”
A McCann, Palo Alto, CA

“I feel that I have added an important and useful tool to my service that I will continue to pursue for the benefit of myself and my clients.”
J Cafarella, Manchester, NH

"This is one of the best if not the best manual I've had the pleasure to work with! Thank-you!"
P. Drabczynski, Irvine, CA

“Great organization and easy to follow format. This is my second course by Linda Christy and I am again pleased with the material and the author’s insight on the subject.”
C Gentry, Huntley, IL

“Wonderful explanations, pictures, and practical applications. A huge amount of information in a very usable format. Great question and answer sections along with review section at the end of each chapter.”
S. Winecke, Eagan, MN

“Excellent course. Very detailed and well planned out. Another great course by LindaChristy. I look forward to more!”
B. Kaiser, Surfside Beach, SC
This course was jam packed with excellent and insightful information in teaching yoga to my clients. Through a greater understanding of contraindicated yoga poses and modification, I feel more equipped to handle many different types of clients. I have studied and practiced yoga for several years and I learned so many valuable pieces of information that will benefit my clients. This was a fantastic course!
R. Oleck, Port Byron, NY 


I have gained a new Holistic approach in terms of perspective and education. I will apply some of the cueing language, the deeper breathing cueing and techniques for the upper back chamber, mindfulness, and meditation. Wow! This is a well presented and highly educational course that offers a deeper holistic understanding around each yoga position. I absolutely loved the history connection coupled with applicable questions of today. I think the material flowed well. I loved the mindfulness, breathing, meditation, and sample workouts. All in all I feel this was an excellent course that I would highly recommend to my colleagues. 

~ C. Zalikowski 


This course really introduced me to yoga and I look forward to incorporating the poses into my clients' routines and to help them become more mobile and strong. I will incorporate what I have learned into my personal training as well as my classes. Yoga is so wonderful for correcting postural issues. I really enjoyed it. 

~ R.C. Miller 


I greatly enjoyed the application to personal training. I will better be able to help my students with specific questions. I liked the "Questions" section of the book. These are common questions, and now I know how to answer them! Excited to apply my knowledge! 

~ A. B. Pigg


 I have my 200 RYT but I found the organization of the Kinesiology, Strength, and Stretch to the pose extremely helpful. This course gives me a wider vocabulary in helping my students when I am guiding them through their poses. Excellent! The content is well thought out and well organized. The progression of topics is very logical and one idea flows into another. I like the clear pictures and poses from different angles. 

~ M. DeSilva


This excellent course was exactly as listed - PRACTICAL YOGA I can use with training clients and in classes. The practical usefulness of it, clear directions on how to do and cue asanas, and programs for different client needs. This course far surpassed my expectations! Thank you!

~ A. Smith Barwick