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Pro-active Postural Restructuring
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Level: Intermediate/Advanced

2.0 ACE, 20 ISSA, 1.9 NASM, 
20 NETA, 20 WITS, 15 AFAA, 1.8 NSCA, 20 ACSM


Pro-active Postural Restructuring

THIS COURSE HAS BEEN RETIRED: Pro-active Postural Restructuring (PPR) is an innovative somatic-based re-education program that is designed to address anatomical asymmetries and altered movement patterns in the lower extremities by gradually re-structuring the hips, legs, ankles, and feet. This is a gentle therapeutic program which is appropriate for all levels of fitness populations. Benefits include better posture, smoother and steadier gait, diminished back and hip pain, beautifully sculpted hips, legs, ankles, and feet, increased bodily relaxation, and a sense of well being. This course provides a comprehensive ‘PPR Instructor Training Program’ for Group Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers.

Course Materials:

  • Pro-active Postural Restructuring text (171 pages)
  • PPR Instructor Training Manual (197 pages)
  • Fundamentals DVD #1(60 minutes)
  • Floor Patterns DVD #2 (60 minutes)
  • Advanced Patterns DVD #3 (70 minutes)
  • Yoga Patterns DVD #4 (30 minutes)
  • CEC Exam
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What the Fitness Pros Say about Pro-active Postural Restructuring

 "This course was extremely informative. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of new information it had to offer and especially by how well the information was laid out for my comprehension. I feel like people always come to me asking about proper body mechanics and posturing. This course gave me an arsenal of exercises and information to pass on to my clients. I know they will benefit from this information. I myself have already started implementing the exercises into my own daily regimen. I tend to be pretty actively well informed about fitness and was afraid that I wouldn't find a course to teach me enough that spending the time and money would be worth it but I am never disappointed with the courses and materials that Academy of Holistic Fitness has to offer. Thank you."


~ Amanda Tisdel   NASM-certified  Newark, DE -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


 "I gained an entirely new perspective on the function of the human body. Our body is more than just a vehicle for or daily activity but a physical manifestation of our experiences god and bad.I will share my new found info with the mass and create a class to help people get out of the chronic pain loop."


~ Christian Walker   NASM-certified   Atlantic Beach, FL _____________________________________________________________________________________

 "This course provides immense knowledge about the restructuring and re-education of the source of infinite problems with the human population. This is the best course I have ever taken in all my 20 years as a fitness trainer! It goes to the core of all problems and teaches you how to fix them. Extraordinary!"
~ D. Lejardi-Curz

 I have gained a deeper understanding of the (literally) deep-seated nature of our postural issues, along with many creative and disciplined exercises to move toward increased wellness.I will be weaving certain exercises into my personal practice, as well as into my teaching of restorative exercise.I was pleased with the subjects and general flow of material, and how the instructional videos fit with the Instructor Training Manual. I think LindaChristy does an amazing job with demos/leading—very clear in body and words. I didn’t mind that some of the exercises weren’t shown on video—the readings were perfectly able to stand alone in those areas. I especially appreciated that this is a somatic method—that the somatics were built in throughout the content. I'm particularly fascinated by the Mezieres content. For me, it felt like a secret gem was inserted into the training—one that I’d never seen or heard of. I am happy that it was included and explained as one of the influential techniques, and I was interested in the ways that [I think] it was incorporated into the training. (I definitely want to follow up more with Mezieres, though I’m finding that it’s not as easy to get info in English as it is for other methods.) All in all, I thought the course was high quality, well-done, and suited my interests. I’m so glad that I chose the combination of courses that I did. Thank you very much.

 ~ P. Jacobson, Cincinnat, OH


"This course is very well organized and thorough. It uses a wide variety of learning styles, both written and visual. The four DVDs are incredible. Very useful and user-friendly!"

The DVDs are clear and concise with detailed instructions and demonstrations, providing many opportunities to practice ‘correct’ movements that involve the hips, legs, ankles, and feet. This course is a comprehensive training program for any fitness professional who aspires to a significantly advanced level of postural re-structuring aptitude."

"This course is very well written and constructed. Ms. Weiler’s course can meet the learner where they are in terms of academic and experiential background, build on that, and take them to a higher level. This course cuts across disciplines, incorporating information and activities from a variety of fitness and fitness-related modalities – such as ballet, Pilates, yoga, the Alexander Technique, and more."

I will apply knowledge and techniques learned in this course to assist in secondary stages of rehabilitation for the physically, psychologically, and socially challenged. I gained a personal awareness that I MUST apply this practice in my own life and EVERY day! This course not only exceeded my expectations but also ignited passion for my vocation I didn't even know I had. I talk about it all the time!
W. Morrison

"As an exercise professional, [this course taught me] to look at the functionality of posture and movement patterns versus looking at the body in an isolated way. I am also a massage therapist and will use the info I learned in my practice. Thirdly, I will use the sequences to first rebalance my own posture and then when proficient teach the movements to my clients. Please keep these wonderful mind/body courses from LindaChristy Weiler coming. They just improve from one to the next. "
~ L. Madden

This course has given me a wonderful understanding in appropriate ways to regress movement for those who are injured or elderly to restore postural alignment and appropriate muscular function. This course helped me build the foundation of somototherapy and understand more clearly why it is so important to bring balance to the body's fascial system. I really enjoyed this course - excellent - thank you! 
~ K. Timpert  

Most immediately, I will apply this course to myself. I have a very physical job, and applying these principles to my own body will help improve my strength, stamina, and comfort level - and therefor the quality of my work. This course has tied several concepts together into a 'bigger picture' of understanding lines of stress in the body, especially as they apply to dysfunction which leads to pain. This is an extremely valuable course.
~ M. Helfrich

This was fantastic! I have had several anatomy/physiology, yoga, and Pilates trainings over the past 20 years, and this course was an amazing blend for mind-body connectiveness and a really great review of muscle functions. I will certainly slow down my teaching and cue for discovery, not execution. I learned that being aware of movement means slowing down and being consciouse about movement.
~ T. Neuman

This was the best continuing education course I've ever taken. I truly appreciate all of the research you've done; the comprehensiveness of the history, biological facts, and physiological applications. I learned specific exercises for my own personal postural rehab as well as for my class participants.
~ E.J. Fredericks

I find Linda's classes to be innovative, interesting, intelligent, and understandabele. Since the fitness world is ever-changing, this material keeps me up to date in my work. I feel like her holistic approach coincides with my teaching. Thank you for this great body of information! Thank you so much for offering this work to the world! Linda, you do not skip a beat! This course has opened my eyes, my mind, and my heart. I can't wait to see the improvements after applying the PPR methods. 
~ C. Nadell

I've gained a better functional understanding of the five common altered movement patterns. I have become acutely aware of AMPs in myself, and have gained valuable tools for aiding myself and my students in identifying, understanding, and rehabilitating these issues, with loving patience. I truly enjoyed it! I will use what I learned personally and professionally. Thank-you so much for this excellent course! And thank-you as well to (PPR course models) Paul and Frankie!
~P. Beratta 
I have learned so much from this course. I look so differently at peoples' anatomical structures now and see things I had never noticed in my previous 2 years of personal training. The knowledge I've gained is priceless! First, I am able to fix myself to practice which I am so grateful for in itself. Tons of my clients are going to benefit from this knowledge and I cannot wait to help lots of people throughout my life. I am only 25 years old right now so I have a ways to go but I plan to read this again and continue forward into a physical therapy setting. This program was very well put together. I enjoyed learning all of the material. WHat a challenge as well! I have to admit that I had built up somewhat of an ego and felt like I knew much more than I did, needless to say this course has humbled me again and made me a much more knowledgable trainer. I cannot wait to continue forward on my journey of learning. Thank you so much Linda, I am a huge fan of yours and really look up to you and your knowledge. Your level of fitness is very impressive and inspiring! Thanks again.
~ T. PostL Jr

Most of us have long forgotten how vital proper hip movement is. In this course I learned about the importance of more thoughtful moves vs. just getting the move done with. Perfect course, exactly what I was looking for. 

~ N. Stewart