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The New Mind-Body Approach
Price: $199.00
Level: Intermediate
CECs: 1.6 ACE, 16 ISSA,
16 NETA, 15 WITS, 16 ACSM

The New Mind-Body Approach

In this course you will learn how the body, posture, and movement patterns are related to and indicative of underlying characteristic psychological organizations and operations such as those that affect sensory-motor learning, tension and stress-levels, attitudinal outlook, gravity-orientation, perception of reality, use of language, and other stereotypical self-defining behaviors and attitudes. You will study three different postural intervention strategies, somatic-based gait re-education, movement intervention strategies, and remedial healing movements. This program also introduces concepts from developmental psychology, yogic philosophy, and client-centered therapy, all of which offer significant insights into the inner workings of the mind-body connection.
Course Materials:
  • The New Mind-Body Approach to Posture, Movement, and Well Being manual (274 pages)
  • CEC exam
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What the Fitness Pros Say about The New Mind-Body Approach

I gained a better understanding of how much posture affects the overall body. The knowledge gained will be beneficial in helping me attain better posture in my everyday life and in my classes, and I will use it to provide better instruction during my classes regarding proper alignment.

~ R. Goff


I gained an interest in neurobiology, why people carry themselves the way they do and how to correct for poor compensations. I will view a person's stance vs. the "ideal" to help determine how I can direct them to make a difference. I loved how this course said that not all yoga postures are relevant to all people. I injured myself because I wasn't gutsy enough to not do certain postures.

~ S. Thomas


I gained a better understanding of how posture impacts the quality of our lives. I am taking a much more moderate, body friendly approach to fitness than I have in the past.

~ J. Gould


 This course reminded me of the importance of the feet and how everything else is connected and affected by stance and gait. I also gained a better understanding of how to help people become more aware of their own bodies. I always enjoy Linda's course and take new ideas back to my own classes. I appreciated the worksheets as well as teh "what it does" photographs. "Being one's own witness" is a valuable cue for my yoga classes. 

~ J. Crafts

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