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The Vinyasa Specialist
Price: $149.00
Level: Intermediate
CECs: 1.2 ACE, 12 ISSA,
12 NETA, 12 WITS, 12 ACSM

The Vinyasa Specialist

Develop mindfulness and a sense of effortlessness through Vinyasa - a dynamic and challenging yoga-fitness modality that links one pose to the next. This technique incorporates skilled movements performed in sync with the breath to create an efficient, economical use of the body’s energy. Learn modifications and safety tips to promote coordination, poise, and precision of movement.

Course Materials:

  • The Vinyasa Specialist manual (135 pages)
  • The Vinyasa Specialist DVD (45 minute instructional program)
  • CEC Exam
  • FREE shipping

Learn to teach these seven Vinyasas:
1. The Sun Salutation Vinyasa
2. The Yoga Class Vinyasa
3. The Chair Vinyasa
4. The Lunge Vinyasa
5. The Shakti Vinyasa
6. The Siva Vinyasa
7. The Seated Vinyasa

What the Fitness Pros Say about The Vinyasa Specialist

I can use this information to develop new classes, to expand on the basic foundation classes I already run - both with postures and philosophy. I was not at all familiar with Vinyasa yoga - now I know about it and can offer thorough classes. I learned new poses and most especially the proper execution of the poses. I really was impressed with the information. When I first saw the book I was skeptical but as soon as I began reading I became very excited about the level of information included. Nice job!
~ C. Waddington

“The DVD was a helpful learning tool. I especially liked the different pacing and difficulties of the various Vinyasas. My class and I were challenged. Thank you for a great course of study.”
P. Thompson, Warner Robins, GA

“In my experience as a student of yoga, I find that many instructors assume that students already know the proper cues, when in fact this is not always the case. I appreciate that so much of this course went into detail on movement, alignment, and breathing cues.”
M. Berger, Pittsburgh, PA

“It’s wonderful to be able to practice Vinyasas several times with LindaChristy on the DVD. It felt like a personal trainer. Great course – full of information and guidelines. Thank you!”
L. Condie, Sandy, UT

“I like that there was an emphasis on safety. The video had good, well taught examples of flows that I will be able to incorporate [into classes].”
M. Stevens, Denver, IA

"This course was not only very well organized, but gave both still and moving examples of the poses. Having a text for quick reference as well as a DVD to see how to link the poses together is a wonderful combination. Cueing tips, alignment details, common errors, modifications, self-reflection, and even Cliff Notes to help the beginning teacher . . . this course is the whole package!"
S.W., Eagan, MN

"LindaChristy’s course epitomizes ACE’s high standards. This course is well done, thorough, and written in a way that is understandable. The DVD is a great learning tool!"
S.B., Dandridge, TN

"Whether a beginner or more advanced fitness professional, this is an excellent guide for yoga instruction. The notebook’s photos and written instructions provide an excellent presentation, and the DVD is well done – with good instructions, excellent demonstrations, and good pacing.."
M.C., Memphis, TN


From this course I gained the ability to be comfortable working with yoga poses by incorporating (and demonstrating) both excellence and safety. The course was well designed. 

~ A. Diaz



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