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Yoga Challenge 3 DVD Set
Price: $99.00
Level: Intermediate

Yoga Challenge 3 DVD Set

These are instructional DVDs, not a continuing education course. (No CECs). FREE SHIPPING!  

- DVD #1 -- Barre Yoga Challenge
- DVD #2 -- Fitness Yoga Challenge
- DVD #3 -- Floorwork Yoga

Whether you want a great new workout for yourself or ideas to freshen up the classes you teach, this set of three DVDs delivers! Each program is approximately 60 minutes.

  Barre Yoga Challenge DVD

  • Foot articulation exercises
  • Plie and Releve combinations
  • Ballet-inspired arm and shoulder exercises
  • Spinal articulation exercise
  • Standing Push-ups and Shoulder stretch exercise
  • Down dog pose and leg extension exercises
  • Runners lunge / Pyramid pose
  • King Dancer pose
  • Triangle stretches and Triangle pose
  • Warrior 1 pose and Warrior 1 exercise
  • Ballet stretches and Ballet kicks
  • Yoga Pose Challenge Series: 7 pose series with fluid transitions: Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Pyramid, Triangle, Half Moon, Extended lateral angle, Advanced lateral angle
  • Squat stretch variations
Fitness Yoga Challenge DVD
  •  Warm-up routine
  • Sun Salutation and variations
  • Standing Tuck, Diver, and Chair poses
  • Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Triangle, Extended lateral angle, Crescent Moon, Kneeling Pigeon poses
  • Supine foot exercises
  • Single knee to chest pose / Single leg extension pose
  • Bridge pose and Single leg Bridge pose
  • Easy Fish pose / Half Wheel pose / Fish pose
  • Seated Boat pose and variations
  • Cobbler pose / Tortoise pose
  • Seated forward fold pose / Single leg seated forward fold pose
  • Crocodile pose
  • Cobra movement and Cobra pose
  • Camel pose / Child's pose / Frog pose
  • Squat postures and Squat balances
  • Final Relaxation (Corpse pose)
Floorwork Yoga DVD
  •  Eye and jaw exercises
  • Head-tapping
  • Neck and shoulder stretches
  • 6 spinal movements
  • Hug the knee pose
  • Foot and ankle exercises
  • Supine twist
  • Single knee to chest
  • Abdominal toning pose
  • Easy Bridge pose
  • Through the hole pose
  • Seated Boat pose and variations
  • Butterfly pose / Tortoise pose
  • Seated forward fold pose
  • Rock the baby and Single leg forward fold pose
  • Seated spinal twist
  • Child's pose and Extended Child's pose
  • Kneeling Yoga Mudra pose
  • Cat-Cow exercise
  • Easy Pigeon pose
  • Frog pose / Squat variations
  • Restorative stretches
  • Final Relaxation


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