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Yoga for Medical Exercise
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Level: Intermediate/Advanced

2.1 ACE (approved through 12-31-21) 20 NETA (approved through 12-31-21), other certification organizations may receive CECs by petition


Yoga for Medical Exercise

This course is designed for fitness professionals who want to incorporate yoga and mind-body fitness modalities into their clients' training protocols for conditions and issues that include stress reduction, pain management, corrective exercise, post rehab, and addictions. Learn how to manage symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and other emotionally-driven issues by teaching slow, deep, and mindful breathing and yoga postures that are quieting, calming, and relaxing. Examine the psychological underpinnings associated with pain, addictive tendencies, poor posture, and turbulent emotions. Study and practice yoga postures and yoga programs to improve dysfunctional posture, problems with balance, problems with gait, spinal stabilization, and/or muscle tightness or weakness. Use concentration and contemplation techniques as part of a restorative practice. Educate and coach about the yogic lifestyle and its potential benefits.


Yoga for Medical Exercise and Lifestyle Management text (417 pp.)

10 page study guide

100 question exam




What the Fitness Pros Say about Yoga for Medical Exercise

From this course I gained a better understanding and working knowledge of common AMPs (altered movement patterns) and how to identify them in my clients and myself. I will share and apply some of the treatment protocols for AMPs into my present classes. I thought this course was practical, pertinent, and very well written, aimed to enhance the mind, body and spirit. I not only enjoyed it, but gained further knowledge in this subject that will be positively reflected in my work. Thank-you!

P. Beratta, ACE certified


 I absolutely loved this course- especially the mind-body aspect of it. Many people fail to realize that the mental aspect of physical fitness is just as- if not more- important than the physical aspect! I can't wait to utilize certain poses with my older clients who suffer from ailments that come with age! I loved all of it.


R.K. Roundtree, NETA certified




This course provided a great deal of insight into human thinking, condition and healthy solutions to problems. Very beneficia.

M. N. Cook, ACE certified