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Yoga Teacher Training
Price: $259.00
Level: Beginner - Intermediate

2.3 ACE (approved through 12-31-21), 1.9 NASM (approved through 12-31-21), 23 NETA (approved through 12-31-21), 23 WITS (approved through 12-31-21), other certification organizations may receive CECs by petition.

Yoga Teacher Training

We're proudly setting the new gold standard for home study yoga teacher training. Many customers have told us that this course is more comprehensive, more practical, more valuable, and much more cost effective than the various yoga teacher training workshops they have taken over the years.

The AHF Yoga Teacher Training course is appropriate for Certified Personal Trainers, Certified Group Fitness Instructors, and all other fitness professionals that are interested in advanced specialty training in Yoga. 

The AHF Yoga Teacher Training course combines instructional techniques from both the classic and contemporary approaches, enabling you to confidently and competently teach both fitness yoga and gentle yoga formats. Topics include Yoga Theory and Tradition, Anatomy and Kinesiology, Yoga Postures (50 postures plus variations and modifications), Contraindications and Safety Issues, How to create and teach a Yoga class, Formatting and Sequencing, Yoga for Stress Management, Yoga for Health and Energy, Muscular Energy vs. Organic Energy, Stress Paradigms and Adaptation Theories, Principles of Somatic Education, Characteristic Somatic Patterns, Understanding Embodiment, Emerging Consciousness, and Somatic Psychology

Course Materials

  • Yoga Teacher Training for Fitness Professionals text (425 pages)
  • Worksheets / Study guides (18 pages)
  • CEU exam 
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What the Fitness Pros Say about Yoga Teacher Training

 "This course has all the elements of a well-written yoga teacher training program, including detailed background information and anatomy so that the new yoga teacher is educated with talking points, knowledge of poses, and safety issue to look for during class - as well as a GREAT description of how to organize a class. All of this on top of great photos and quality worksheets to make sure that the participant understands what is important. In the last 20 years I have been in charge of developing several educational fitness courses, and this one is very sound and well written."
 ~ S. Winecke  (Eagen, MN)

This course gave a well rounded basic knowledge of how to teach a hatha yoga class, Somatics, and psychological factors that affect physical bodies. I learned 26 basic yoga asanas, correct positioning, and common mistakes, gravity orientation, helpful cues, and much much more! I will definitely use this content to assist in the personal and physical growth/progression for my individual clients as well as group classes. Very useful information! This will definitely enhance my ability to teach with patience, greater understanding, and communication. 
~A. Yosin (North Hollywood, CA)

"This course has made an amazing impact on my life. Originally when purchasing the program I had no idea it would be such an important part of my personal healing journey. All the information on grounding I absorbed and implemented immediately in my life, and I am in awe of how profound the movements have been in restoring my health. This course is by far the most useful CEU course I have taken in the past 20 years! It is full of wisdom and insights. It has been a blessing to me and my prayer is that it will be of help to the many other people I have opportunities to share holistic fitness with. Thank you!

~ G. Hill, WITS certified


"This course has given me the knowledge to go forward and create my own Yoga-Fitness programs. I will focus daily on creating new programs for specific clients' needs and to improve myself. Thank you LInda for such a comprehensive course! I have a lot to learn and teach."
~ T. Bittner   (Big Bear Lake, CA) 

Aside from enhanced education regarding yogic principles, I have vastly increased my own interest in the practice of yoga. I have aspirations of becoming a yoga instructor and certified in yoga therapy eventually. Awesome course! One of the best I have taken in over 20 years of CEU participation in health, fitness, and physical therapy.

~T. Estes 


I have always had an interest in yoga but always got hung up on beginner stuff because yoga is really deep. I have gained not only knowledge but confidence in my knowledge. This program has helped me achieve a dream of mine. This program offers a lot of good tips for do's and don't's as a teacher. I think I will gain a good solid relationship with my students because of it. This course is fantastic!

~ C. Remusat   (Dayton, OH)


I once read a book that asked what "monopolizes" your imagination. I have to let you know that this course has completely changed the monopoly of my imagination when I consider completely changing lives for the better- my own and my clients. I will be using this course content to continue to learn myself...about myself and somatic education. As with all the training I do, I bring what I am learning and working with personally into my work with my clients. Without question, the material in this course adds more to my value as a trainer than any course I have ever thank you. Please don't tell anyone, but this is the very first continuing ed course in which I have read every single word. I have never been so energized and excited about anything I have learned as a trainer.   

~ E. Lange


I've gained so much that I almost don't know where to begin! The greatest thing is a better understanding of how the mind and body interact, and how to achieve greater peace of mind and peace with one's body through yoga. The course material is so thorough, I feel like I've taken a vigorous yoga teacher training program. Also, the course is very well written. I'm a technical (biomedical) editor, so that is saying a lot! Your course is a work of art, very well put together.

~C. Anderson (NSCA CSCS)


 This course was excellent. It explained the importance of the mind-body relationship. The 'holistic' approach was refreshing. I will use this material as a starting point for integrating yoga into my daily life. It was a well rounded and informative course. 

~ A. Yanchenko


I really enjoyed learning about somatic education and have already applied some into my own life as well as plan to utilize it in my work. I will be using these books as references and inspiration. I really enjoyed the course. There was a lot of information that I learned in this course that was missing from other yoga courses I have taken. 

~ H. Hirshfield 


This course really opened my eyes to the power of our thoughts, emotions, experiences, and the manifestations they have on our bodies' functionality. Great course! 

~ T. Galan, Jr. 


 I feel I have gained a deeper understanding of yoga both practically and intellectually. I will apply the content of this course as background knowledge and for practical application in yoga and other classes. I think this yoga teacher training course is the best I have ever taken. It covers both technical and practical applications in a way no other course I have taken has. I feel qualified to teach yoga now! 

~ A. M. Noyes 


A very indepth education into both yoga and mind-body integration. This is one of the best courses I have ever taken, in or out of college. The depth and breadth of knowledge in both manuals was amazing. Thank you. 

~ B. Staley


This course was put together very well, so much I found myself lost in the material for hours on a park bench or picnic table in a park, even during a heavy thunderstorm! Thank you! 

 ~ C. W. Howard


"We teach best what we know" so I intend to integrate my own experience, which has been enriched by the guidelines and explanations in this course. As always, thank you and namaste. I look forward to my continuing education courses from Linda, as for years now, they have informed my practice and my teaching. 

~ T. Bonshock


 The theory material was SUPER educational and informative. I am so glad that I chose your organization as my Specialty Certification Yoga Teacher Training program. 

~ A. J. Fendley


I have been teaching yoga for over 10 years. This course provided a deeper understanding of Yoga history, anatomical use, counter postures and somatic awareness as it relates to each asana. The information learned from this course was extremely helpful. Excellent course!


~ K. Bowen   ACE-certified, Noblesville, IN _______________________________________________________________________________________

 I've added a broad, yet nuanced dimension to my knowledge base. The content has been very much in line with the way I think and teach. I was able to review some ideas, have others affirmed/explored and gain some new areas of awareness. It was helpful for me to have the “yoga as fitness” and “yoga as wellness” concepts articulated. I actually became more interested in yoga again, as I felt supported in (and better able to explain and carry out) the wellness mission I have for myself and interested others. In general, I cannot overstate how pleased I was with the content—the ideas, the presentation, flow, and yes, the editing. Thank you!!

 ~ P. Jacobson     Cincinnati, OH ____________________________________________________________________________________